Thread Rod, Stud Bolt, Double End Stud Bolt

Thread rod, also called stud, is an externally threaded bar with thread on both ends or completely thread. Its generally rolled thread and in 1m or 2m length, while the both ends threaded (not completely threaded) are also known as stud bolt. They are supplied with hex nuts or long coupling nuts.

The most often used full threaded rod are DIN975, tension strength class 4.8, 6.8 and 8.8. DIN976-1 metric thread stud bolts and DIN976-2 Metric interference-fit thread stud bolts. DIN939 and DIN940 Double End Studs Bolts. Technical drawings or specifications reference, weight list, click the above standard numbers.
Inch standard thread rod or stud bolt as per IFI 136, Double End Studs Bolts, Grade 2 made of low carbon steel. High strength stud bolts or rod used in heavy structure made of middle carbon steel and alloy steel, stainless steel standards as per ASTM A193: B7, B7M, B16, ASTM A320: L7, L7M, L43, B8, B8M, 18.8, 316 etc.
  • Thread rod and double end stud bolts regular supply range from thread size M6 to M30 by metric standard (DIN/ISO/GB) and inch size 1/4 to 1.1/8 by ANSI/ASME. For more supplies, contact us directly.