Railway Bolts, Highway Bolts & Fasteners

Railway bolts or highway bolts are mostly high strength bolts that are used in railway track or highway fencing and structure fastening and joint. Its usually produced by middle carbon steel for example C1045 steel and alloy steels (4140, 40Cr, 42CrMo4), quenched and tempered to meet the high strength mechanican properties according to DIN/ISO class 10.9 or class 12.9, or as per ANSI/SAE J492 Grade 5 or Grade 8.

Railway bolts are black oxide finished but for some hard condition, like subway or channel tracks, its used to be Dacromate coated further to a Ruspert finish to get a high anti-corrosion purpose. The regular sizes are M24 up to M30 or 1" up to 1.1/4" UNC. Some special threads available, like T thread.

Highway fencing bolts and nuts are available with specifications of the bolts size 1/2" or M12 up to 1.1/2" or M42. Its can be anti-rust painted, or zinc galvanized and dacromated as per various condition requirement.

Railway track bolt and highway fence bolt normally with a special head, for example, T head, Square head, dog head, mushroom head with neck. Its supply with heavy structure nut, like 2H nut.

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