T Head or Square Head Bolts

T Head bolt has a T shape or square shape head. Its a common used fastener that supply with a nut to joint the target object which has a T shaped slot and with its T shaped head sit flush or below the surface of the surrounding material. There could be a T shape or square shaped pre-drilled slot or hole to hold on this T headed bolt without turning while assemblying with a nut or female like fasteners.

The thin and flat T head bolt normally are produced by low carbon steel or stainless steels as its head and shank forming must not be damaged or broken. Quenching and tempering are usually not applied to avoid deforming. Our regular supply range for T headed bolts are M6, M8 up to M16 according to DIN/ISO metric standard. The related inch size from 1/4" up to 5/8" UNC according to dimensional standard ANSI/ASME B18.2.1

While the thick T or Square head bolts are usually high tension fasteners, that used in heavy structure and autombile fastenings or lift facilities. Supply range could be from M6 up to M24 according to DIN188 or 1/4" UNC up to 1" according to ASME/ANSI standard.

According to various usage on construction, heavy structure, automobile, the T head or square head bolts generally are black oxided, zinc galvanized, hot dipper galvanized, or dacromate and Ruspert coated.

The thin flat T head bolt supply in low grade, class 4.8 and class 6.8. The thick and square T bolt usually supplied in high strength grade. For example class 8.8, class 10.9 and even class 12.9.

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