Counter Sunk Head Bolts, CSK Head Machine Screws

Counter Sunk Head Bolt, also CSK head bolt, is designed with a conical shaped flat head. This kind of head allows its plug into the object pre-drilled holes with its flat head sit flush or below the surface of the surrounding material. By this means, the heads are always designed with a philips drive, or slotted drive, torx, pozi drive.

The common counter sunk head screws are DIN965 (ISO7046) cross recess csk head machine screws, DIN963 (ISO2009) slotted counter sunk head machine screws. DIN7969 slotted counter sunk head screws for structure steel bolting, suppy with or without nut.

Related also JIS B1101-1996 the common grade machine screws, or class 10.9 and class 12.9 slotting countersunk head screws for precision machinery JIS B1116-2009.

Inch standard slotted or cross recessed countersunk head screws as per IFI513-1982 or ASME/ANSI B 18.6.3-2003.

The normal grade of machine screws are class 4.8, 6.8 and 8.8 supply with or with out nut. Finished screws generally in black oxide, plain and zinc galvanizing.

The higher grade machines screws, DIN Class 10.9 and 12.9 are generally black zinc galvanized or EKD coating, Dacromate and Ruspert are latest applied for precision machinery use.

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