Hex Socket Bolts or Hex Socket Cap Screws

Hex Socket bolt also called hex socket cap screw. Its a bolt with a column-shape head (socket head) and internal hex drive. The most widely used are DIN912/ISO4762 hex socket cap screw and ANSI B18.3 socket head cap screws.

There are more types of hex socket drive bolts and screws, for example pan head, button head, flat head and countersunk head. Please check our below standard supplies.

Metric series carbon steel hex socket drive bolts and screws generally supplied in class 8.8, class 10.9 and class 12.9 as per DIN and ISO standard, while inch series always in Grade 5 and Grade 8 as per SAE standard. Stainless steel socket drive screws normally in A2-70 and A4-80 (AISI 304 and AISI 316).

The regular surface treatment for steel hex socket bolts are black oxide, zinc coating, and dacromate or wax coating. For customized socket drive bolts or screws, kindly contact us directly.

  • zinc plated socket cap screwsHex Socket Bolt ZP
  • yellow zinc plated socket drive screwHex Socket Bolt YZP
  • din912 hex socket cap screwHex Socket Cap Screw
  • stainless steel 304 socket drive screwSS304 Hex Socket Bolt
  • button head socket drive screwHex Socket Screw
  • pan head socket drive screwPan Head Hex Socket
  • class10.9 button head socket drive screwClass 10.9 Socket Cap
  • pan head socket drive screw 304 Internal Hex Pan Head
  • cheese head hex socket drive screwHex Socket Cheese Head
  • flat head socket drive screwSocket Drive Flat Head
  • socket drive csk head screwSocket Drive CSK Head
  • socket drive csk head screwHex Socket Drive Screw