Lock Bolt, Anti-theft Bolts

Lock bolt, or anti-theft bolt is designed to create secure long-term fastening of two objects. Its can not be easily unlocked by normal screwing tools or hands. Its usually need to be fastened by some special wrench to tools and mostly are one-time use. Lock bolts mostly are high strength fasteners that keep safe and excellent durability of the required fastening products or objects.


The locking device on a bolt could be an locking hole or stopper pin on the bolt's head or body. Its can also be some locking element on somewhere of the threads or body. Further more, nowadays the most often used locking bolts for autombile are welding an extra locking device to the head of the bolts.

The quick assembly, inexpensive nature and comparative safety of lock bolts makes them a practical fastener option for almost any application. Locking bolts generally provide similar strength and durability to more dangerous, hot-fastening alternatives such as riveting and spot welding without the possibility of heat damage or the high equipment and training costs. An easy-to-install, practical heavy-duty lock bolt can stay strong and function for many years, even under harsh weather conditions. Some lock bolt collars can be removed after installation so the cylinder can be reused with a new collar on another project.

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